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Cactus Cat?


Psychedelic indie adventure rock consisting of an unhinged saxophone, lush vocals, tasty tone guitar, driving rhythmic ukulele, exploratory bass, and deep-in-the-pocket drums, Fort Collins-based Cactus Cat weaves seamlessly between tightly rehearsed and boldly improvisational. Expect danceable melodic vocal-driven songs that slowly unfold into expansive modulated sonic spaces before snapping back into sharp focus, with some rocking instrumental surf tunes thrown in here and there for good measure.

In short, a wild ride.

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"The cactus cat has thorny hair, the thorns being especially long and rigid on its ears. Its tail is branched, and upon the forearms above its front feet are sharp, knifelike blades of bone. With these blades it slashes the base of giant cactus trees, causing the sap to exude. This is done systematically, many trees being slashed in the course of several nights as the cat makes a big circuit. By the time it is back to the place of beginning the sap of the first cactus has fermented into a kind of mescal, sweet and very intoxicating. This is greedily lapped up by the thirsty beast, which soon becomes fiddling drunk, and goes waltzing off in the moonlight, rasping its bony forearms across each other and screaming with delight."

-Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, With a Few Desert and Mountain Beasts, 1910

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